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WAY OF THE WEST, the inside story….

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I started this blog as there didn’t seem to be any real information out there on the 80’s band Way Of The West. Their music was influential at the time, and you can still hear it today in clubs and on radio stations that specialise in 80’s new wave but information? Very little.

Just so you know you’ve landed at the right place, this was the band that put out only 5 singles (and a half, check the music page) and they were, first to last, Don’t Say That’s Just For White Boys, See You Shake, Drum, City For Lovers and Feel The Steel between 1981 – 84. They recorded on three different labels Mercury, Innervision & MCA and toured in the US and Europe each year but split up not long after the last record and therefore don’t show up on most music radars.

I’d like anybody who’s interested to think of this as a little drop in centre where you can relax on the comfy sofas we have around the place and find out more, and, of course contribute yourselves to ‘the inside story of Way Of The West’. All background info greatly appreciated.

Here you’ll find various pages where you can find out what happened (The Story), hear the songs and get some inside info on the recordings (The Music), take a look at some record company photos and some of their own (Band Photos & More) and also read some irrelevant but hopefully entertaining background stuff (Name Dropping).

This is very much an ongoing project and I’ll add to it when I have the time and more content, including previously unreleased songs and a ‘Where Are They Now’ page. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for information on Way Of The West you’ve come to the right place, or maybe somewhere interesting enough to keep you diverted till the rain stops……..

Pete Kearney (Carney)

(News…… More music and a video have been added to the Music page, lyrics coming when I get the time)

( AT LAST…..11th May 08, Apparently we’re up and running on itunes!!! So, for anybody who wants to check it out, here it is: One Time,One Life

(News…Aug 08) Definitely one from the ‘Well I Never’ dept. I’ve just been sent something I had no idea existed at all. Our original saxophonist and Percussionist Jason Warre unearthed a video taken at the Peppermint Lounge NY in around 82? Although it’s early on in our career it’s the only film I know of us playing a live gig anywhere. Please ignore the bum notes, the lighting, the poor sound quality, the hair, the ……and take a look here,(WOTW-Live).

Also this month produced more bits and pieces new to me. Our one and only Liz Weller, sent me a goody bag of stuff she had which included some photos taken by the band in NY and other memorabilia.

I’m putting a few on the photos page here, (Band Photos & More) and I’ll add more when i can.