WOTW Live…


Here are a couple of segments from something I never knew existed. A Way Of The West live show from the Peppermint Lounge in NY around 82? Dug out from the bottom of a cupboard byJason our first sax player and percussionist. If you just see white squares you’ll need to download the latest Flashplayer – or cut down on something. As the whole thing is too big to put on here I’ll add more as I go on. Sure it’s rough around the edges but……..Feel the glow from the inner wonderfulness that was the Way Of The West Experience……..


8 Responses to “WOTW Live…”

  1. Monkey love was one of my favourite songs that you played live…. it has been in my memory for years! Fantastic guitar riff and sound. Great to see and hear it again!


  2. This is awesome. I never saw them live, and I never imagined they’d be THIS good live too! Way of the West was one of the best bands of that era and definitely the MOST under-rated band (along with Cowboys International & maybe Polyrock). I LOVE See You Shake – I really love ALL their “hits” (I have all their 12″ singles) but actually one of my favorites is the B-side, COUNTDOWN.

  3. I’m thrilled to see that you have a web presence, I was too young to see you play live in the ’80s but I subsequently snapped up all your singles, and even found your flexidisc! I hear that you’re playing live again, any chance of you coming to NY?

  4. Glad you like our songs but even I haven’t heard that rumour. If you spot us playing anywhere let me know, maybe we have a tribute cover band….
    Fame indeed.

  5. Great to see these, Pete. It’s funny, an old friend posted a YouTube link on his blog of a live performance by Big Black at CBGB’s, the first video he’d found online of a show he was actually at. (I was there, too.) He went on to mention a few other shows he’d been to that he’d like to see clips of, and my reply to him was that I’d love to see a clip of the WOTW show we’d seen at the Ritz in NYC in 84. Belated thanks, too, for getting everything up on iTunes. Even though I own it all on vinyl (subsequently digitized for portability), I bought it right away. It was like getting it new all over again.

  6. Hi Pete

    I’ve been playing with bass Dave off + on for the last 6 years. He doesn’t talk much about the past but he did tell me about your blog…. and I’m glad he did.
    I wish I had video of my bands of the early 80’s



  7. I know I saw WOTW at the old 9:30 Club in D.C. in the ?? fall of 1981?? I think they opened for A Certain Ratio. Does that sound right? Thanks for the blog so this band doesn’t slip away in time!

  8. Is there still a chance for a Limited Edition CD of all of TWOTW’s music?

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